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Facts About the Benefits of Lime for Diet

Maybe you've heard about the benefits of lime for the diet. However, how effective are the benefits of lime in reducing weight? To find out the answer, let's, see the following review. Lime is rich in vitamin C and water. One lime can meet more than 20 percent of the daily intake of vitamin C the body needs. Not only that, lime also contains other nutrients in small amounts, namely: Carbohydrate. Protein. Fat. Fiber. Vitamin A, B vitamins, folate, vitamin E and vitamin D. Minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Lime also contains citric acid, which is a natural substance that makes sour taste in citrus fruits, such as lime and lemon. Citric acid can increase metabolism to burn more calories and help cut body fat. Benefits of Lime for Diet Everyone certainly craves the ideal body weight. Various ways heralded diet can lose weight instantly. Be careful, not all diets are medically proven, including using lime juice for a diet. Based o
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Recognize the Causes of Vomiting and How to Prevent it

Muntaber is a gastrointestinal disorder characterized by vomiting and diarrhea. The causes of vomiting vary, but generally vomiting occurs due to gastroenteritis or inflammation of the digestive tract. In the mild stage, vomiting can be treated independently. However, in severe stages, vomiting can cause dehydration which requires further treatment. Therefore, it is better to prevent it from the beginning, by knowing and avoiding the various causes of vomiting. Recognize the Causes of Vomiting Causes of gastrointestinal inflammation that can cause vomiting include: Virus infection Vomiting caused by a viral infection is the most common type of vomiting. Some types of viruses that can be the cause are Norovirus, Rotavirus, Astovirus, and Adenovirus. These viruses can be transmitted through water or food contaminated with animal or human feces. Bacterial infection There are various bacteria that can cause vomiting, including Escherichia coli, Vibrio cholerae, Clostridium diffi

Diseases of Smokers that are Harmful to Health

If you are still smoking right now, you should consider quitting immediately. There have been many warnings about the disease in smokers that are widespread in the media. The most common risk is that it can damage the lung tissue and respiratory tract. Many smokers who dodge by saying his body is healthy, so it is not motivated to stop the habit. In fact, there are a variety of diseases in smokers who are not mild, due to the habit of smoking for years. Various diseases in smokers to watch out for You need to know that cigarettes contain more than 7,000 chemicals that can enter the lungs. Of these thousands of materials, 250 of them belong to the group of hazardous materials, at least 69 of which are cancer triggers, such as arsenic, benzene, chromium, cadmium, nickel, and vinyl chloride. In addition, cigarettes contain no nicotine content. The nicotine content of smokers risks increasing blood pressure, reducing oxygen levels to the heart, increasing heart rate. Nicotine can al